Thursday, February 2, 2012

5 Days Of Valentines Day Crafts...Day 4

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Day 2

Day 3

This craft was both me and the kid's favorite! They could not wait until I was finished making them and when I was done they didn't want to let me borrow them just to take a few pictures.

Valentines Day 4: Love Note Pillow

Things you'll need:

A small pillow (You could make your own or use something you already have)

Fleece (Enough to cover your pillow)

A sheet of felt.

I had some pillows laying around the house (probably left over from some old bedding sets)

If you ever had a home economics class then you know how easy it is to make a pillow. It's even easier to put a new cover on one :)

Before I sewed close the last side of the new cover I cut out a heart shape out of the felt and sewed it onto the front.

Using some leftover fleece I sewed a little pocket onto the heart.
*You could just make the heart the pocket. My boys asked for more army and less red*

Lastly, I put the pillow into it's new case and sewed it close.

The pocket on the pillows are for leaving little love note for your Valentines :) My gang couldn't wait to receive their first love note. When I gave Logan his note he gave me one back. It said, "Mom I love you."

Houston, who can't read, just laid in his bed and kept saying, "Mommy I love my love note." 
And then my heart melted :)

Only one day left. Come back for Day 5 and see the two crafts that will finish off the series.


  1. Awesome Sarah!!

    ~Cousin Ang ;)

    1. Thanks so much cuz! And thanks for Pinning my stuff too!

  2. I am loving your crafts. I wish I had little kids! I am also thinking about doing craft 3 in my house for my husband and myself. Then he can tell me how much he loves me every day :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! You should make #3. Cause sometimes husbands need a little reminder to show us their love ;)

  3. I got your comment on Poop Whisperer but you don't have email enabled so I couldn't reply. I'd love for you to share your craft series with us for that blog. Email me and we'll get the details hashed out. I'd email you from the last one you sent me but I cannot find it anywhere in my email folders.

  4. i can't sew, but i'm in awe of your mad skilz. ;-p

  5. What a great idea. I love camo - perfect for little boys.
    Thanks for linking up.