Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to make a diaper cake (with pictures)

My friend and I were on a mission to make a diaper cake for as little money as possible. We had never made one before but she bought a HUGE box of size 1 Huggies for $20.00 and we wanted to somehow use them as a gift. It was really easy to make and probably only took a couple of hours total. The ways to make these and dress them up are endless, but I'll give you a run down of how we made ours.

Supplies you'll need.

A box of at least 150 diapers.

Pizza pan (Walmart $3)

Bag of multi sized rubber bands (Walmart less then a $1)

Wide ribbon-We used 2 spools  (Walmart $2 each)

1 dowel (Joannes $1)

Hand puppet (Joannes $1)

Foam stickers (Joannes $1)

Hot glue gun


 Roll up each diaper you use, starting from the open top end.
Secure with a small rubber band.  This will be your center. Then add 7 more diapers to the band.
Then add 3 more layers of diapers around this (secured with bands), or enough to reach the edge of your pizza pan.

*Add a diaper to any gaps*

Do the same thing with your next tier but only add 2 layers of diapers to your center.
Repeat the same steps for each tier adding diapers in any gaps you come across. *We ended up with 4 tiers*
When you're finished with your tiers and adding diapers, put the dowel down through the top of the "cake" till you reach the bottom.

 Wrap wide ribbon around each tier to cover the rubber bands. Secure the ribbon by hot gluing it to it's self. Not the diapers!

For our topper, we put 3 diapers inside the hand puppet, then put the puppet on top of the dowel.

*Depending on what you do for your topper, you may need to cut your dowel shorter so it wont be seen.*

Use foam stickers to decorate the tiers.
There are sooo many different things you can do to make this special. One idea we saw was to put little surprise gifts inside some of the layers, like bath soap and lotion...but we're cheap and made ours super basic :)

Anyways, have fun with it! And I would love to see pictures of the ideas you come up with!

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  1. That's super cute!

  2. Thanks!....Anonymous ;) I wish my phone took better pictures though. That, or my real camera didn't ALWAYS have dead batteries...that would be great.

  3. That is so clever. It will be the hit at the party.

  4. Sarah, that is so adorable. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. What a fun idea! I have seen a lot of these cakes, but I haven't seen many instructions. So helpful!

  6. i have always wondered how these were made! thanks so much for linking up the great tutorial at my party last week!

    andie @ crayonfreckles

    1. So I just realized that I can actually reply to comments lol Thank you for the compliment!

  7. I love these- they're such cute and practical gifts. Thanks for linking up.

  8. Your cake is so adorable! Where did you find that ribbon print? I think the bananas give it a special touch!

    1. Thanks! I think we found the ribbon at Walmart for like 2 bucks :)

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