Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You

Just yesterday I had a friend tell me that my neighborhood isn't really the ghetto (as I lovingly like to refer to it). Oh, really? When is the last time you had the FBI show up at your front door? For us it was just another exciting Monday living in the hood :)

After he showed me his badge - complete with FBI covered fancy lanyard - he told me he was looking for some bad guy who had listed our address as his. At least that's what I think he was saying. I was having a hard time paying attention because Houston, who was in his summer uniform - shirtless with backwards undies - kept trying to tell the man about our new lizard.

After asking me a few questions he wrote down my name and drove away...in his black SUV. Yes really!

If this wasn't considered the ghetto before I'd say we totally just earned it! On the other hand maybe it's not the the neighborhood that's ghetto. Maybe it's just the people who live in our house ;)

That "lizard" that Houston was so excited about is actually our new pet bearded dragon.

Now I'm off to peak between the blinds and check my phone for wire taps.


  1. Wow, that tops my morning! That's something to add to the scrapbook if ever there was! Ha, ha. Been there though with the modesty issue. Learned the hard way to teach my children to close the restroom door when there is company over. Just never got to that lesson since we have so few people over and I'm still 'helping' them to stay out of mischief. No kidding. About a week ago I found the toilet seat wet. After a lot of interrogation (fitting word for this post), they confessed. Inky stuck her head in the toilet and Iggy just watched (I'm sure egged her on). I still don't have all the details.