Get to know me

Hi! I'm Sarah... Wife. Mom. Teacher. Crazy.

Staying at home with four children is a bit crazy.  Home schooling them makes me certifiable. In an effort to keep my sanity I try to be creative and crafty, in a ghetto Martha Stewart kind of way.  Failing that, I sometimes hide in the kitchen and self-medicate with a box of ice cream and pray for patience, wisdom, and a Chuck E Cheese to open across the street. Honestly, I really do love my family (even the guy who sneaks off to work every morning) and I'm so thankful that I'm able to spend every...single...moment with the kids. I wouldn't change a thing. Except to maybe add one or two more kids to the mix. See? Certifiable.

I used to blog for the Democrat and Chronicle and I'm currently the site administrator for an online support group for local mommies. But this is where I can let my hair down a bit :)

I love to dabble in a little of everything. I guess that and Jesus is what helps keep me sane-ish.

Thanks for stopping by!

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