Friday, January 11, 2013

Easy Peasy Homeschool Help

I don't think I'll ever reach the point where I feel like I have this whole homeschooling thing down. I'm always trying to be a better teacher for my kids and always looking for resources to help me with that. Here are a few free sites I've found that I hope can help some of my fellow homeschoolers.

2 different people sent this picture to me this week.  

Remember Bill Nye The Science Guy? I came across a link on Pinterest this week with 5 seasons of his show. I can't wait to watch...I mean for my kids to watch all the episodes! I'm going to try and incorporate it into our science lessons.

*Does anyone remember another science show where the guy walked around in a costume that looked like the inside of his body? What was up with that!?

Here's the link: Bill Nye The Science Guy

Then my friend shared a link to another site that I've already used to help with our homeschool this week. This lady is amazing! She has every grade (including preschool) and every subject laid out in day by day lessons. FOR FREE! There are links to educational games, videos, printables, online books, pretty much a homeschooling gold mine! We already have curriculum that is working well for us but I've been using this site for extra math and history help. I can't even begin to imagine how much work it took for her to put this all together!

Check it out: All In One Homeschool    

I have a confession...I can't type. Right now I am writing this using my pointer and middle fingers :/ I'm super fast though! I can peck these keys like nobody's business! Fo real!... The last time I went for a full body massage, the lady told me that the only knots or tightness that she found was under my right wrist. AKA, typing with that middle finger is giving me a real workout! It's either from that or from me flipping the bird all the time. jk ;)

When I was in school they didn't teach us to type and I never really saw the need to learn to do it the "correct" way. I realize that computers and typing will most likely be big part of my kid's futures so I've made typing lessons a part of their school. Here is the FREE site we use. Yes I wrote "we". I've been doing a little learning my self. Now if I'm actually using it is another story :)


If you have any online resources that you've found helpful I'd love if you would share :)


  1. Thanks for your teaching inspiration and for making me laugh thinking of your typing skills.

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  4. I love free homeschool links!! We also use (TONS of free lessons/practice taught via video & some ppl even use this exclusively to teach an entire subject), (pre-k up to 2nd ?) , (they have hundreds of free and VERY cheap printables, we've used this one far too much), (good for spelling games) , (she has lots of time savers for planning and other resources too) to surf YOUR homeschool links! PS: I'm also not a very good typer. I totally cannot type without looking at the keyboard :)

    1. Thanks so much for these links! Would you mind if I used these in a part 2 of the post?

  5. OH! and we love Bill Nye! I got some videos we rented from the library but they only have 3. This link is AWESOME!

  6. The guy with curly hair in the body suit was Slim Good Body.