Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mom Has A New Trick Up Her Sleeve

Because of the holidays and a death in the family, today is our first day doing homeschool in about 3 weeks. While we were getting ready to start, Logan said that he was actually excited and Ethan said he couldn't remember why he used to not like school. I guess a break did us all some good :)


And then reality hit! 

After writing those words I had to stop to break up a couple of arguments and a temper tantrum. You would probably guess that it was my 4 year-old that had the tantrum.  You would be wrong. After I asked my 9 year-old to "add just a couple more sentences" to the book report he was writing, he lost it. He went up to his room, laid in his bed, and acted like a 2 year old who dropped his ice cream cone! Complete with crying, screaming, and pounding his fists! 

After a few minuets I went up stairs and told him that his behavior was not acceptable. Crying when you're upset is one thing, but acting the way he did was not! He seemed to understand.

Then it was back down the stairs to find another child playing instead of doing math.

Three weeks is too long to be away from our routine. The kids need some re-adjustment and I need some new tricks.

                                                                  Good Behavior Jar

I saw an idea like this on Pinterest and thought I'd try it. It's a little old school but sometimes that's the best stuff!

I made it by putting some stickers that say "you rock" on a small vase and using decorative rocks to keep track of  the good behavior.

I told them that when the jar is full I will give them a surprise. I'm thinking something like a trip to Chuck E Cheese

I want it to be all positive so I won't be removing rocks for bad behavior. Rocks will be added when I catch them doing things like:

  • Being kind to someone
  • Being helpful
  • Saying nice things to their siblings
  • Doing things without being told 

When I explained the rules they asked if they could have a smaller reward if they just fill it half way...Doesn't sound like they're too optimistic :/

I'll keep you updated.


  1. I did this wit the kids when they were little and it worked!

  2. Love that the kids were already trying to bargain. My boys are probably still a little young for this, but it can in fact be a very good tool for behavior modification. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks! I'm so sick of always telling them, "No" that I hope telling them ,"yes" will make a difference.