Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 Days Of Valentines Day Crafts...Day 2

On Day 1 the kids helped me make this Valentines Day Heart Wreath.  It was cute, but my boys weren't as excited about it as Evelyn was. You know...with all the pink and "girlie" hearts. Whatever...

Valentines Day 2: Sweets For My Sweets

The quickest way to a man's heart...Or 3 little boy's, is through their stomaches.

Things you'll need to make these sweets are:

1 batch of homemade rice crispy treats. We used this recipe.

A heart shaped cookie cutter.

1 container of Pillsbury Valentine's Funfetti frosting.

Melted chocolate *For drizzling*

First, the boys helped me make the Rice Crispy treats. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I had never made them before :/ The amount of marshmallows the recipe called for didn't seem to be enough so we added a few more. You can never have too many marshmallows, right?

When those were done we used the heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out some hearts and then just cut the rest into squares.

Then we frosted half of the treats with the pink frosting and left the rest without.

Lastly we decorated the treats with the sprinkles that came with the frosting (I used some red sprinkles we had in the cupboard too) and I melted some chocolate that we drizzled on the tops.

Now when I say we decorated I mean that they gang helped decorate a few. After Evelyn dumped a half container of red sprinkles onto one of the treats, I had to distract them with leftover marshmallows so I could finish the rest :)

Can you spot the one with a little extra red sprinkles?
My little Valentines loved these treats and couldn't wait to share them with my favorite Valentine! Their Daddy.

Day 3 is a craft that would make a good gift for even the older Valentines on your list. Come back and check it out :)