Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 Days Of Valentines Day Crafts...Day 3

Day 1

Day 2

I saw a lot of ideas for Valentines Day crafts that were one and done. I wanted at least a couple of the ones that I chose to last longer than the time it takes for my gang to down a couple of rice crispy treats :)

Valentines Day 3: I Love You More Than...

We've played a game with our kids since Ethan(10) was just a baby. We say, "I love you more than..." and fill it in with whatever comes to mind. Puppies, Chuck E. Cheese, summer days, etc. Then the other person tells us what they love us more than and it goes back and forth. Corny, I know. But sweet! So when I saw this idea online I knew it would make a perfect gift for my kids. Even if your Valentines are older, any excuse to tell them how much you love them is a good one, right?

Things you'll need:

5x7 frame *If I were going to make this again I might try using a bigger frame*

Dry erase marker

Access to a printer

Red card stock paper 

Because I'm not familiar with Microsoft Paint or Word, it took me forever to figure out how to get the words "I *space for heart* you more than" printed out to fit into my 5x7 frame. It was really trial and error. So on that're on your own people :)

After I finally got my paper printed out the way I wanted it (it took me 3 times) I cut a heart shape out of card stock and glued it in the space between "I" and "You".

Then I just put the finished paper into the 5x7 frame and that was that!
As you can see, this craft was SUPER easy and didn't take long at all. I made this thinking that I would put them on the kid's dressers and fill them in as a message from me. But my sweet little Valentines like to take over and write creative things like basically any bathroom word that their little minds can think of. Aren't they just precious?

Day 4 may just be me and my kid's favorite! Come back and check it out!


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