Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pine cone tree craft with pics.

So I saw these pine cone trees in a Target add around the holidays and thought they would look great with my pine cone garlands but didn't want to spend the $25.

Instead, I bought this Styrofoam cone from Joanns for  $4.50
And another bag of cinnamon scented pine cones for around $5 ...What?! I love those things!

I cut the pine cones in half with one of my husband's new steak knifes :) and hot glued those suckers onto the cone. The tricky part was making sure that none of the white cone part was showing through. To fix that I used little pieces of the pine cones and hot glued them into all the little openings.

The finished product
Making this took!  It would have probably gone a lot faster if Jonathan had invested in better steak knives. The final cost *after coupons* was about $10. I really like it though! I want to make another one only bigger to go next to this one on my mantel.


  1. so cool! i'm a sucker for anything cinnamon scented.

  2. I really love these...BUT it's time to put this holiday stuff away!

  3. Whose the scrooge who said the above? The holiday isn't even here yet and what a wonderful way to enjoy the whole season but to make that pine cone tree? It's fabulous, and since I'm into doing crafts, I love stuff like that. Scrooge would hate my house if she saw it at ANY hoiday time. Thanks for sending along the instructions---it should be so much fun to make. I have made many heritage wreaths (all pine cones, a "up north" project), and they hang in my house all year with different colored bows for the different seasons. I hope many people enjoy making this tree and have so much fun doing it. How about giving Jonathan a new set of steak knives for Christmas--it will also be to your advantage. I enjoyed the humor that went along with the instructions. Thanks again. Terry