Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cake wreck Wegmans style

Evelyn recently celebrated her 6th birthday. One of the things she was most excited about was that turning six meant that she got to graduate from her current Sunday School class and move into the "big kids" class with her brothers. This past Sunday one of her sweet teachers brought in a cake so they could celebrate her birthday/graduation with all of her friends.

The cake was from Wegmans. Everyone knows how much I LOVE Wegmans. But this cake...Well just take a look...

It says, *Happy Birth *or maybe Burth*  Da~y EVelYN

It was a creation almost worthy of www.cakewrecks.com

Of course, the cake it's self tasted amazing! And since most of the kids in the Sunday school class can't read anyways, it wasn't a big deal. But...

Dear Wegmans,

I love you. I love your beautiful produce section, the way your store smells, and pretty much every little thing about you. And, because I love them so much, I am willing to eat any cake that comes from your bakery even if I have to do it with my eyes closed. That could get messy though...and it would be just plain weird. So please show me some love by making sure your cakes look as awesome as they taste.

Your Favorite Customer,


PS. This is not me breaking up with you. It's just a little fight. I'll get over it. :)


  1. Wow! Looks like the amateurs were working that day, ooorrr the teachers forgot to tell them to put the words on and added it themselves.

  2. Nope. It was someone at Wegmans who did the writing. As soon as I walked in the room the teachers were all "You have GOT to come look at this cake!" lol

  3. I wonder what Alec Baldwin would say about this.

  4. That is truly amazing... I think a wreck of that magnitude actually IS worthy of cakewrecks.com.

    If Danny ever saw that... heads would roll!!


  5. Haha!!! At first glance I thought you made it:-/