Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why did that kid just try to pee on your face?

At 4:00 AM I was attacked by a ten year old with revenge on his mind. True story...

There I was, sound asleep, when I suddenly felt a tickle on my face. I quickly rubbed my forehead only to find my hand covered with green paint!

Sitting on his knees in front of me, giggling like a little girl, was Ethan holding a container of finger paint. The kid was trying to paint my face green while I was sleeping!!

He is soooo lucky I can take a joke! I may have even deserved it a little after what I did to them on April Fools Day...

Dining room

Green milk
Painted face. Can't you see the evil in his eyes!?
In my defense, I did those things on April Fool's day! It's like an official holiday! Not some random night weeks later where a person may be dreaming of cupcakes and be completely caught off guard!

And my husband wasn't any help either. When he awoke during the commotion and I tried to tell him what happened he said, "Why did that kid just try to pee on your face!?"

Darn kids! I'm not even safe in my own home anymore...


  1. That is hilarious and kind of brilliant in a way you should be a little scared :). My advice, sleep with one eye open.

    amy @ whilewearingheels.blogspot.com

  2. One eye open is obviously the only answer C: Small one just hits me in the face until I move over and give her 'her spot' in our bed.

  3. LOL---funny!! Thanks for visiting my blog...I am your newest follower also =)