Friday, March 16, 2012

Sugar, spice, and a punch in the face

Evelyn looked so pretty sitting at the table eating dinner. She was all dressed for church and had her princess purse ready and filled with her favorite toys. Then Bruno (our dog) poked his head up near the table to see if he could sneak some food and she screamed,  "Get down or I will punch you RIGHT in your face!"

Ah, my sweet little Evelyn. She's a perfect mix of sugar and spice. She likes to wear dresses, play with dolls, and bake with her momma. But she also likes to make up her own swear words (Manit! It's some mix of dangit and oh man), play baseball with her brothers, and occasionally threaten physical harm.

On Sunday she told her entire Sunday school class that her brothers were all drinking out of the toilet but that she chose not to...That didn't really happen. When I asked her why she lied (In church of all places!) she said that she was sure it happened!.. It was just a really long time ago.

      Someone was teasing her this week and said, "You look just like your mother. Ugly!"
                Evelyn just calmly replied, "Thank you! My mom is not ugly."
      I love my little girlie. She's perfect. Sugar and spice all mixed up nice :)


  1. She reminds me of a little girl just like her...YOU!!!

    Your Mom

  2. She'll definitely be able to take care of herself thats for sure!