Monday, March 12, 2012

Moves like Jagger

Random updates:

My system is really messed up right now. I'm ready for bed by 10PM but when I go to bed I toss and turn all night. Even when I try to lay down for a nap with the kids, I will doze but then wake up with my heart racing. I really want to just shut my brain up!

Yesterday I was so tired and in such a bad mood I decided to try some Tylenol PM right before bed. I've been wanting to give it a try for a while but I was so worried that one of the kids would need me in the night and I would be too out of it to hear them. Blah!  What a dang waste! I still didn't sleep. My body was tired and I felt kind of dopey.... but no. I laid there with my mind racing and half wished someone would just punch me in the face to knock me out!

You know when I did feel tired though? In church. During the preaching. I was thinking..."Wow! This would probably be a good sermon if I didn't feel as high as a flippin kite right now!"

I don't remember reading anything on the package that said I would start to feel tired 12 hours after taking it!!

Tired + drugged = zombie

*Sigh* Maybe tonight will be the night that I get some good sleep.  Or better drugs ;)


I forgot my real age today when one of my friends asked. I was like, "Um...31? No! 32!" (I'm 31)

I've lied mislead my kids for so long that I'm starting to believe that I'm 21.


This past week we had a day with temperatures near 60 so I declared a "Snow Day" and met some friends at a park for a picnic.

Check out these pictures I took of Houston busting out some sweet moves!

gif animation maker

He's got the moves like Jagger!

What happened to my little baby boy? Now he's a big 3 year old who thinks that wearing clothes is optional.

He loves to make his brothers and sister laugh. His favorite trick is going into the bathroom fully clothed then popping out completely nude yelling things like, "Surprise!" or "Boom shak-a-laka!" to make sure everyone looks over at him.

So yesterday after mooning Ethan more than once, Ethan held the bathroom door closed and told Houston he could NOT come out until he put all of his clothes back on. After about a minute of quiet Houston promised Ethan that he was all dressed and asked him to open the door.  When Ethan opened the bathroom door he found Houston standing there, still nude, with one hand covering his privates, and his other hand trying to hold back his laughter.

I think he gets that stuff from his dad ;)


The weather is supposed to get up into to 60s again this week. I'm thinking maybe I need to have a parent/teacher conference with myself that day and give the kids another day off... Or two. 

Come over to The Poop Whisperer tomorrow to check out my ideas for celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the kiddies.  


  1. Hi Sarah! Ive finally finished editing my "confessional blog". I had names etc in there so I changed them to initials and removed some stuff lol! But you are welcome to read it and take a peek inside my head. I will warn you lol, you may learn some things about my past life that are hard to believe given the fact of how sweet I am. HAHA! JK : ) enjoy

    Oh and Houston DOES have sweet moves! Him and Michael should start a dance group. I should blog about the night Michael was doing the robot and smacking his own butt. LOL! It was priceless!
    (forgot this originally)

  2. Hey! I've been trying to catch you at church but but keep missing you. I'm excited to read your blog but if you want I can just stick to reading your new stuff. Either way, I'm sure that whatever I read from your past will just be a testimony of how far God has brought you!

    1. You can read it all. Im not embarrassed about my past. I mean geesh I was so nervous when we had dinner at Pastor A's house. They asked how we met and I blurted out "At a bar!" My face turned so red lol! It was true but Im sure I could've said it a little more gentle like, we met when we were hanging out with friends. I can laugh now-thats what matters. Haha! The stuff from my past that I wrote was sort of my testimony of how much Ive changed. But seriously you can read old and new. Besides thats not who I am now so it doesn't matter anymore. : )

  3. Hey Sarah! Just read about your sleep issues. This may sound crazy, but try eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. I went through a couple of weeks of insomnia back in college. I tried everything (including the Tylenol PM) and it didn't work. Finally, I started looking for natural remedies and oatmeal is one of them. Good luck! :)

    1. Thanks for the tip! I wonder if it have to be "real" oatmeal or if it can just be the cheap stuff in the packet? I'll try anything right now.