Thursday, March 22, 2012

Braces yourself!

I can already tell it's going to be one of those kind of nights. I figured I might as well embrace it so I'm in bed...but armed with my laptop, nook, and a huge water bottle.

Sooooo...Want to know why I can't sleep? Let me tell you about the awesomeness that was my day.

The good:
Logan brushed his teeth before bed last night and instead of putting his toothbrush away he left it right in the sink. This morning Jonathan heard Houston tell Evelyn, "Logan left his toothbrush in the sink so I spit on it cause he never lets me play with his DS."

See, Houston was last in line to brush his teeth. When he saw Logan's toothbrush in the sink he saw revenge!

*I'm still laughing about this! Who knew he was such a little stinker!*

The bad:
All the kids had dentist appointments today. As we were getting ready to leave all 3 boys said they didn't have any socks to wear. Jonathan says it's because they're all dirty. I say it's because they don't have many socks left because Bruno (the dog) is always eating them! Whatever the reason, we had to stop at the store on the way to the dentist to buy the kids new socks. We fail at parenthood :/

The ugly:
Because we were sock shopping we were late to the dentist.

First 3 kids were good. No cavities. Then it was Ethan's turn.

*When the dentist wants to talk to you in! I should have run out the dang door.

She says he has a cavity. She also says he need braces. Even though he's only 10 and hasn't lost all his baby teeth yet they want to start him on "phase 1". After she explained why they're so important for him and blah, blah, blah she sent me over to talk to the money girl.

*When they send you to talk to the money girl...RUN!

Money girl is whispering and smiling while she talks to me. I think it's because she was trying to hypnotize me. Or maybe she was trying to get me in a happy place before she told me it was going to cost us $5,500!!! I think after that she may have been explaining their payment plan or something but all I heard was, $...deposit...$...monthly...$.... At one point Ethan walked over and started to rub my back. Then money girl asks if I'd like an appointment in 2 weeks... No! Do you have anything open...after I win the lottery?
So now I sit here and think. And think. It could be so much worse. At least we have insurance (for as little as they'll help). And I'm thankful that this is our biggest medical "issue" right now. We're all healthy and happy. And we'll be OK.

Now if I can just get my brain to believe it I'll be all set :)


  1. Please - get a second Orthodontic opinion, and maybe even a third. Reputable Orthodontists will not put braces on your child until all of their baby teeth are gone. Please - do not put braces on your child's baby teeth. It is a HUGE waste of money & time, and it doesn't fix their permanent teeth.

    1. Well, when I say he still has baby teeth I mean he just has some molars left. I think they plan on putting braces on just his front teeth and maybe extending his palate.

      You're right though. I should get a second opinion. I wonder if I may at least get a better price...

  2. braces hit us HARD! my Bridget has them, and it was definitely painful to the wallet.