Friday, March 23, 2012

Lock down your shrimp

Last night at around 9:30pm we had to make a quick trip to Wegmans.

Good thing a club pack of shrimp wasn't on my list. Because at this location they get locked down after 9pm!

You need lipstick? Sorry. I'm going to have to get a manager to come unlock the cage...

Apparently shrimp is a hot commodity in our city. I read this in our local news this morning.

A 54-year-old (my city) man has been charged with third-degree robbery.
Police say Johnny **** stole shrimp from the Tops Friendly Market in the *** Plaza on ****** Avenue. Investigators say **** also pushed an employee when running away from the store.

So y'all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your...shrimp and lipstick!!


  1. Hahahaha!!! This is hilarious!! I've been to many a Wegmans where I can't get into aisles bc they are locked but the shrimp is a new one lol!!

    1. I think I'd be going after the steak. Shrimp? I just don't get it!?