Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm gonna need a carrot and a hat

The kids had off from school today and I was totally planning on us staying home and being lazy. You know...basically a normal day for us ;) That was until I overheard this conversation coming from the breakfast table.

Evelyn: I know how to spell Logan. F-A-R-T.

Logan:  Well I know how to spell Evelyn. W-E-I-N-E-R.

This was followed by lots of yelling and calls of, "MOOOOM!"

Did I mention that I heard all this while I was in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee? As in, I hadn't even had my morning caffeine *is a gift from the Lord* yet!

At this moment I was thinking two things. 1. Look at my little home schoolers spelling their insults so they wouldn't get in trouble for saying bad words :)  And 2. I can not possibly listen to another day full of Logan and Evelyn's constant arguing!

So in about as long as it took me to finish my I-hope-they-serve-this-in-heaven  coffee, I had the little sweethearts packed up and ready for a day of visiting our friends.

After five hours of playing outside, video games, and me hanging with another grownup we were all refreshed and back home again...Then that sweet 1 minute passed and they were fighting and calling each other names again.


  1. Reminds me of my time growing up with my family. It's all part of life. Thank God for coffee :)

  2. Hi! I just scooted over here from Adventures of a DIY mom... I was curious as to what font you chose :) I think it looks great! I'm new to blogging too and would love it if you checked out my site:

    BTW- my son's name is Logan too!

    1. Thanks! What do guys know about cute font anyways :) I took a quick peek at your blog and loved what I saw! I'm a new follower now so I can come back and take a closer look!