Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Throw the rule book out the window

When we had our first child we tried to do everything by the book. Everything sanitized, routines created, schedules kept. By the time we had our fourth we threw the book out the window. Or we may have used it as a booster seat for one of the babies.

That's why I was slightly annoyed when my husband told me that he had converted our three year old's crib into a toddler bed. I know the kid is three but since he hadn't figured out how to climb out yet or complained about the lack of room in his little cage, why the rush!? With our first child we made the transition when he was 1 1/2 because that's what we thought we were "supposed" to do. Endless nights followed with him trying to sneak into our room and me getting up to put him back into his "big boy bed". I once woke up to find him out of his bed and in the kitchen eating a slice of bread! So with the next few kids we smartened up and waited until they were a little older. I also devolved ninja like hearing skills and could sense when the kids were even thinking about leaving their beds and was able to head them off at the pass.

 I was in no hurry to start the process again but my husband insisted that it was time. The first couple of nights I waited and waited but he was an angel and stayed in his bed all night. By the third night of sleeping with one eye open, I let my guard down and fell into a deep sleep. Sometime before dawn I woke up to a little boy with bad breath (already in my bed) shining his little penguin flashlight in my face.

Houston: Can I sleep with you?

Me: No. Go get back in your big boy bed!

My husband: But he's so cute with his little flashlight. Can't he sleep here for just a little while?

Me: Sure...

Because we've learned something else about being parents. Your kids really do grown up fast. Sometimes you have to stop trying to do everything just right and take a second to enjoy them while they're young.
Houston after a long night of kazoo playing


  1. What a good Mommy you are. The time does pass fast.

  2. i still let me 7 year old sneak into bed some mornings. it's a gift .xo

    1. So it's not wrong that I kind of like it when my older kids have bad dreams and come lay with me for a while? :)