Friday, August 26, 2011

Someone call the fire department! Mom's about to blow!

I've realized that I can't write, sew, or do anything creative when I'm feeling stressed. I didn't even write my Tuesdays blog this week :( Things are starting to calm down here now so I'm starting to feel that spark again :)

Like I said, I've been a little stressed. Lots of mind clutter as I like to call it. As I check things off of my list of things to do, I feel better. One of the things I've been thinking about is starting to do childcare in my home again. Maybe even get licensed. I don't know...It would be nice to have that extra income and a little spending money for myself, but it would be a big change to have a couple extra rugrats running around here while trying to home school. I put an add out just to see what would come up and I have a lady with a 6 month old coming to meet me on Monday. I'm a little excited about it being a baby. But nervous of how it may work out.

My mom had an at-home daycare for years and she almost always had great kids and great parents. We all loved those kids like they were family and still have contact with them today. I'm hoping that's how it will be for me if I decide to really do this.

Anyways, in other news, I think Ethan is turning in to a little hoodlum. Did I tell you about how he got suspended from the YMCA for fighting with another kid? I still have a hard time believing that he was in the wrong. Not my angel ;) The teacher in the kids play area said he and another kid were fighting. Ethan said that the kid took his glasses. He wasn't mad, but he was wrestling the kid to get them back when the teacher happened to look over. She wrote him up and suspended him. I should have punched that "teacher" in the face to show her what a real fight looks like!.. just kidding ;) I let it go.

Fast forward to last night. A bunch of us were standing around talking after church when someone pulled the fire alarm! Of course it had to be one of my kids! Technically it wasn't a fire alarm but an AED unit. They both have the same results though. Who knew?...A loud alarm started going off in the building, the security company called, and we all stood outside praying that the fire department wasn't going to show. I think Ethan may have been praying for his life. I know I was praying I wouldn't start screaming at the kid in front of all my fellow saints!

Ethan said it was an accident and that he had no idea that's what would happen if he opened the little glass door. I said we will count it as a lesson learned. If it happens again though, someone's going to have to use the AED when the saints hear what I have to say about it! 


  1. Um... just about a year ago I pulled open the cover of a fire alarm at my church to see what was inside. Turns out that when you open that cover, the alarm goes off. And you can't close it back up, either. It was a lesson learned. :-S

  2. Ha! I forgot about that story! You must have been super embarrassed. Especially in a church that size!