Friday, August 26, 2011

Who will save your soul?

Logan: Dad, mom finally told the Jehovah Witnesses how she feels!
More like I broke up with the Jehovah Witnesses (Josh). Josh and I were basically dating. I mean, the guy had been to our door 5 times trying to save my soul! My husband said I was leading him on and that's why he and his little sidekicks kept coming back. I really wasn't trying to though. The guy just wouldn't get the hint. Twice I hid upstairs and didn't even answer the door. One of those times he stood at the door for like 10 minutes before finally leaving when he saw Jonathan pull into the driveway on his lunch break. Shady, right!? When your kids start to know the JWs by name, you have a problem.

Anyways, on Tuesday (visit number 5) when Ethan said "The guy who's trying to save your soul is here again." I knew our relationship had run it's course. I could tell he was trying really hard to finally get invited into the house this time. But after he tried to read me a love poem (out of his non-KJV Bible) I let him down pretty easy. There weren't any tears. No name calling. I just gave him a little box with all the tracks he had given me and some pictures of us, and said maybe we could just be friends ;)

He said they would be back around in 5 months *sigh*  I never was any good at break ups :/ 


  1. I might just have to say this could very well be my favorite blog yet. I laughed the whole time. Poor guy never knew he had it coming. Maybe if you started disconnecting your self little by little he would have taken you seriously!!!

  2. That's true. I didn't want to hurt his feeling though. I think I may have been the only girl he ever dated ;)