Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Evelyn lost her first tooth!

Evelyn lost her first tooth! Or should I say it was forcibly removed! Really, the girl probably would have let her brother punch it out, she wanted it out so bad ;)

She has had 2 wiggly teeth on the bottom for a couple of weeks now and tonight she was laying in bed crying that her "loose tooth hurt". Half joking I asked her if she just wanted me to pull it out and immediately she said "YES!" After a couple of wiggles, I didn't think it was ready so I chickened out and asked her if she wanted try it herself. Luckily we got the whole exciting thing on video!...I had to make her go put some clothes on first though *sigh*

I don't know if you can tell from the video, but she was doing this crazy laughing/crying thing when it came out! Later she said "I was feeling like boo-hoo,then Ha! Ha! at the same time!"....Welcome to being a woman Evie.

Poor Logan still hasn't lost any teeth yet and is really bummed about the whole thing. I just hope he doesn't try the letting Ethan punch him in the face idea!

Now I have to figure out what I'm the tooth fairy is going to put under the little night owl's pillow. She has been saying all along that she really wants a lolly pop from the tooth fairy, but unfortunately someone forgot to buy them ahead of time. I'm thinking $5 will ease the pain ;)


  1. $5?! Nice! Johnnies tooth fairy only gives $1, lol.

  2. Well it was only 5 because it's her first. Next time it will be a dollar...or like a sticker or something lol