Sunday, June 19, 2011

I love a man who's not afraid to change a diaper

As we sat at the dinner table on Thursday night, I was seriously counting the hours until I could leave...Believe me. You would too... Houston was screaming for more food while Evelyn was teaching him to say "Poo-poo, caca, pee-pee", Logan was complaining about the food, and Jonathan wouldn't let me hide in the kitchen anymore :(

My mom and a friend of ours, went to Buffalo Friday and stayed the night. Just 1 night. But it was...

1 entire day to use the bathroom uninterrupted.

1 entire day of eating a whole meal without having to yell at my table mates.

1 entire day of not changing diapers.

1 entire day to just be Sarah, and not MOM!

 The only picture I took was of the Dunkin Donuts uniform on sale at Salvation Army for $2.99 Stains and all.

 We had a lot of fun and it was just what I needed to feel refreshed and ready to lead the troops again.

One of the reasons I was able to relax and enjoy myself, was because I knew my kids were with the best father in the world! No really, he is! In the little time I was gone he took the kids to the Museum, swimming, and the store to pick up ingredients for ice cream sundays! If I have them alone for that long I set out a big bowl of food and water, lock all the doors, and go hide in my room!...No. I don't really do that....Just that once ;)

Jonathan is always so patient and loving towards our kids. Like Evelyn's vase on her dresser that he tries to always keep filled with fresh flowers. And all the nights he would take the fussy baby from me and let them sleep while he held them on his chest. Never against changing a diaper or taking them all out so I can have a break. I wouldn't be the mother that I am today, if he weren't the amazing father that he is.
                                                         Happy Father's Day Jonathan!

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