Friday, April 15, 2011

Pumbaa! Not in front of the kids!

I love my little boys. Although I am so thankful God blessed me with a girl, where would a mom be without her little boyfriends? Houston just started telling me that he loves me. It's a lot better then his new trick of calling people wiener heads. Sometimes he speaks the truth... It melts my heart. Almost as much as Logan asking if he can take my hair down for me while we cuddle on the couch, or when Ethan told me that he's sure I was beautiful when I was 18. I mean, I'm living everyone women's dream. Being surrounded by 3 little men who love you even when you don't let them sleep in your bed or play video games all day! It doesn't get any better then that ladies!

So Jonathan and I like to take our kids out individually on "dates" sometimes. It's a nice way to bond with 1 child and to make them feel special. Lately I've been taking the older boys to musicals. I want them to a) be able to appreciate good music and b) not to be one of those guys who think taking a lady to the Olive Garden is the big time! I do love me some Olive Garden though!...  So far we've been to see Phantom, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (both at a local high school), and last night we went to see The Lion King on tour.

Jonathan and I went to see it the last time it was in our city and knew that the next time it came we would try and bring the boys. We had pretty good seats (on the main level) and as soon as the first elephant walked down the isle beside us, I knew they were going to love it :) Ethan laughed out loud a bunch of times but Logan only did when Pumbaa used the word "fart"... Hey, you can dress um up...Afterwards they both said they really enjoyed it. Mary-Liz (her and her husband came with us) and I really enjoyed the dancers bodies dancing. Really A. Maz. Ing.  And to top it all off, Todd bought them ice cream cones!

I love music. All kinds. If you were to look at the songs that are on my ipod you would find some Etta James, Brittany Spears (Don't judge me), MC Hammer (you can't touch this), and a bunch of other slightly less embarrassing artists. I'm no music snob. If I like a song, the vocals, the lyrics, then I don't care what the genre is or who sings it. Sometimes  a lot of times when I hear someone with a beautiful voice sing, I get a little teared up. Can you remember the first time you heard the woman playing Christine (in The Phantom) hit that incredible note? Or the first time you heard Defying Gravity? I can. And I want to share those special times with my children.


  1. Awe, I love "date night" with my boys. Mostly it's just to the McDonalds playplace. Where we can eat for under ten bucks and they can try and impress me with climbing and sliding skills. We'll move on to bigger and better things as they get a little older.
    BTW...I almost cried when Logan handed me flowers the other day at your house. It's been a while and I thought that those were the most beautiful thing I had seen in a while.
    You're doing a great job raising your boys:-)

  2. Ah. Thanks Rachel. As I'm sure you know, as a parent I'm always wondering if I'm doing ok. So that's really a nice compliment :)