Friday, April 8, 2011

Typical night out.

So I was thinking that I don't want this to turn into a "mommy blog". I realize there are people reading who may not have children, or will get tired of hearing about mine. But my family is my life. My world. And that's what I always seem to go back to. In the future though, I may try and blog about other things happening in my life. Things like my doctor telling me I may need a hysterectomy (true story). Or maybe about how I might be getting a job at a local hospital working in the pediatric ER (I'll know more next week). But today I want to write about a typical night out with the gang.

Because I'm a stay at home mom, when my husband gets home from work I am ready to run away have a break. I like to get the kids out as much as possible too. The night just seems to go so much better when we all get a change of scenery and can step out of our little bubble. So sometimes we like to take a walk on the wild side and take our gang on a big trip to Wegmans. Or if we're feeling REALLY crazy, Walmart!

Let me tell you, it is not easy taking 4 kids out in public. Especially when I'm by myself. I'm always forgetting SOMETHING. Shoes, diapers, coats... Once I had to go back for one of the kids that I left at a friends house! Ever try and nurse a baby in the stall of a public restroom? Or explain why your son brought a pocket knife to the gym play center?.....I think I may grow closer to God in those times (praying that my children wont embarrass me), then I do spending an hour at the alter ;)

So this past Monday we decided to take everyone to Walmart. The kids needed new undies. I needed a reason to get out of my pajamas. But before Evelyn and I met up with the boys we decided to walk over to a clothing store. Evelyn is going through a new faze where she has to SCREAM! EVERY! WORD! SHE! SAYS! So while we were looking around... she spotted the bra section... and I started praying!

Evelyn (screaming): Mom! There are the BOOBS! Do you need a new BOOB thing?
Me (whispering): No Evelyn. I'm all set.
Evelyn (screaming): Mom, when can I get a BOOB thing?
Me (whispering): When you get bigger.
Evelyn (yep. Still screaming): You mean when I get BIG BOOBS
like you?

At that point I suggested we go to Walmart to find her father.

When we got there I was able to follow Houston's cries of " DADDY I'M STINKY" till I found Jonathan and the boys. They had found what they were looking for (undies) so after I did some power shopping, we paid and left. Easy right?...Nope. Because as I was loading up the trunk Ethan was waiting to close it. Just as I said "Don't close that door yet!"  *slam* He jumped out of the van and hit the top of my head with the door! I was soooo mad! All I have to say is thank God for the cart guy that was standing close enough to be a witness.... and the prayers. They may have been what saved Ethan's life that night!

All in all, that is how a typical night out with the gang goes. Some embarrassing comments, a dirty diaper, and a headache! Lots of fun!

At least the kids were all happy with their new underwear. When Evelyn heard me asking Ethan how his fit  she said screamed, "Mom! Do you wanna smell my new undies?" Yeah...typical night out.

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