Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The view from my pantry window.

There is a small window in my pantry that looks right into the dinning room of our neighbors. They are a young couple without kids. Their house is always clean. And sometimes while walking past, I'll catch a glimpse of them having their dinner. It looks so quiet and grown up. Sometimes they'll even be drinking wine...

 Cut to inside our window tonight. Houston is screaming for the juice that Jonathan can't make fast enough, Evelyn is crying because Ethan punched her after she jumped on his stomach, and Logan is following me around saying that "there is nothing to do". I find myself wishing that I was having dinner at the neighbors house and maybe even testing the wine. I wonder if they ever look over into our dirty/hectic kitchen and toast to not having any children?

 Sometimes I forget what it's like to have a dinner with adults. When Jonathan and I do get the rare chance to go out by our selfs we forget that we have longer then a half an hour to order and eat before the break down starts, and Jonathan usually ends up asking for the check before I even have a chance to finish eating!

I wouldn't change it for the world though. Cause does the lady next door (whom Ive never met) Have 2 little boys discussing where She would like to go for Valentines Day? (So far my choices are McDonalds or Friendly's) Or do they get to hear their baby sing that the cow says mooo and the chicken also says mooo? Nope..I bet their dinners are boring and that they sometimes run out of things to say. I bet their wine is cheap, and that the food they had wasn't nearly as awesome as our pork chops!

I wonder if they'll ever invite us over...


  1. Awww thanks for following!!! I'm orignally from NYC!!! Well we lived there till I was 2 and a half but my mom is a total native and most of my extended family lives there!!!

  2. LOL! Are those really your neighbors? What a little stalker freak you are, but I do enjoy your blogs:)

  3. In the pic.? No you goof! I did NOT take a picture of my neighbors through their window lol!