Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And the award for the best homeschooling mom goes to...Me!

So yesterday was a balmy 41 degrees here. So I decided to celebrate by taking the gang on a field trip...To Hobby Lobby.
That is why I win the award for the best homeschooling mom ever!

It's my mother's fault! When I was in public school the teacher would take me aside and tell me that there was a family emergency of some kind, and that my mom was there to pick me up. By the time I walked down to the office  I would have worked myself up to tears wondering what bad thing could have happened. Then my mother would gently wrap her arms around me and whisper in my ear "Shh don't cry. We're going to the beach!"  My mom would always say she missed us while we were at school and looked for any excuse to keep my brother and I home. Those were some of the best times!

You can learn a lot at the beach though.
Health: How to properly apply sunscreen.
Art: How to build a lasting sand castle.
Social Studies?: Remembering to say that "we are sick" when a stranger asks why we weren't in school that day.

There are also a TON of things to be learned at Hobby Lobby.
Math: Comparing prices at HL, to those at Joannes.
Science: Picking out our next science project from their big selection.
Reading: Lots of reading opportunities every where they looked.
Social Studies: Watching the reactions of the employees when we returned the merchandise that one of the gang "accidently" stole.

On your death bed will you be thanking your family for the great education you received? Or will you be thankful for the TIME you were able to spend with the people you love? There are some things in life..No. Lots of  things in life, more important then education. Sometimes we need to show our kids that it's OK to have a little fun. And maybe even break the rules now and then.

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