Sunday, May 11, 2014

How Can I be This Old

I can't believe I'm the mother of a teenager!! How can my little boy be this old!? How can I be this old!?

When we first started throwing around ideas of how we should celebrate Ethan's 13th, we thought about having a huge party and inviting everyone we know. Then as the day started getting closer and I started thinking about all the work and $$ that would actually go into it, I had a great idea! I told him we could still have the big party OR we could just have a small family party and I'd give him $100. Maybe I should feel a little bad about bribing my kid with money but I think we both won in the end. I was saved from a ton of party planning and money and he is a lot closer to buying that xbox he's been wanting :)

Actually, he ended up with over $300 dollars!!!! What is a 13 year old going do do with all that money!? I told him he should give some of it to me for giving birth to him. For some reason he doesn't like that idea.

In the days weeks leading up to his birthday I was feeling a little sad thinking about how fast time has gone by and that my first baby was going to be a teen. Then yesterday morning I had just woken up and was laying in my bed when Ethan came in to cuddle with me for a minute. After I wished him a happy birthday he said that so far I was the second one to say it. He told me that before he got up he was laying in bed reading his Bible and got a text from his nanna.

My son spent the first few waking minutes of his 13th birthday reading the Bible...

At that moment all sadness was gone. I did cry a couple of times that day but they were tears of thankfulness. I take no credit for any of the good in my life. God has taken my feeble attempt at being a good mother and is turning it into something beautiful!

So we officially have a teen living in the house. And I think it's going to be amazing :)


  1. That is awesome. Happy Birthday, Ethan!

    Adana Robinson

  2. Way to go, Ethan. Happy Birthday. Happy Mother's Day, Sarah. :)

    Aunt Becky.

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