Friday, January 17, 2014

Coat Shopping At The Museum

Last week we took the kids to the gym so they could play while we worked out. We try and go there 3 times a week and the kids always have a great time. There's a huge rock climbing wall and a play center that puts McDonald's to shame!

After we were finished the kids went to the coat rack to grab their coats and Ethan couldn't find his. We looked everywhere but the thing was gone. At first I thought that maybe some kid took Ethan's coat by mistake thinking it was theirs. But then Jonathan pointed out that there weren't any other coats left behind. The kids center was closing and the rack was empty :/

If I believed in karma I'd say I just got a little taste.... Earlier that day I took the kids to the museum and while we were hanging up our coats I spotted this really cute one hanging right next to mine.

Me: I could totally put this cute coat on and walk right out of here.

Logan: How do the keep that from happening? It's not like anyone looking would ever know you just stole that.

Me: I don't know. But I bet that kind of thing happens all time.

Me and my big mouth!!

I should just start labeling everything with our last name like my dad did when we were kids. As soon as we got something new he'd whip out his sharpie and in big letters write SARAH SMITH (not my real maiden name) somewhere on it! I still have luggage that has my maiden name covering the bottom.*I've been married for 14 years. It's probably time for some new luggage.

I used to be soooo embarrassed by my labeled belongings but now I'm thinking my dad may have been on the right track!

I left our name and number at the gym because hopefully if someone's kid comes home with a coat that doesn't belong to them they'll return it.

If not we're going coat shopping at the museum ;)

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