Monday, September 23, 2013

O Canada!

This past weekend I took a spontaneous trip with my friend to Canada. I really needed a little break!  My husband is going away for a few days and I think I was pre-stressed about him being gone. I love staying home with my kids but homeschooling them means that I rarely get a minute to myself. Sometimes I just need some me time and this little trip was the perfect chance!

Lisa, my friend, is from Canada and we were able to stay with her family. Her parents are an odd couple that somehow fit together perfectly! Her dad is a Chinese man who lived in Jamaica for most of his life and her mom is Jamaican. Even though they've lived in Canada for over 30 years I can't understand a word her father says! His Jamaican accent is so thick that I just stand there and stare while Lisa interprets for me. Lisa's mom is always in the kitchen cooking up some yummy Jamaican dish! This time she made me some bread fruit.

After this fruit is cut up and cooked it has the same texture and taste as bread. It's really yummy!

One of my favorite places I've been to in Canada is Niagara On The Lake. It has so many shops that are filled with clothes that I can only dream of owning! Looking through them all is fun in a depressing sort of way :) I love to look but get depressed that I can't actually afford to buy any of it! There's also lots of places selling fudge and all kinds of treats but my friend kept insisting that we save our appetites for the restaurant we were going to that night. She was right.

Winds. Winds is an all you can eat Japanese and Thai restaurant. The twist is that it's made to order. So you tell your waitress what and how many of an item you'd like and they cook it fresh and bring it to your table. This is how one of are typical orders went...

We'd like 3 California rolls, 6 shrimp tempura, 3 Japanese fried rice, 6 beef and broccoli...

On and on it goes.

The servings were small and you had to order what you wanted next while you were still eating what was in front of you. It was a little awkward. Some dishes that we tried we didn't like. So while our waitress was taking those dishes away we were ordering 3 more dishes! I felt like such a glutton. I was such a glutton! By the end of the meal I didn't even want to make eye contact with our waitress. I was ashamed at all the food I ate in one meal. But what a delicious meal it was :)

I wish my little break could have lasted longer and that I would have won the lotto before hand so I could have done the kind of shopping I wanted to. But I came home feeling refreshed and ready to be mommy Sarah again.

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