Friday, August 2, 2013

I Like NOT Camping

Some people like camping. I like NOT camping.
I like the idea of being outdoors. But when it comes down to it I don't like bugs, wild animals, or getting dirty. And I refuse to pay to sleep like a homeless person. I think some people call that "camping". My husband takes our oldest 2 boys camping while I stay home with Evelyn and Houston. I say it's because they're too young to take camping. But it's really just because I need some excuse to stay home. I make sure that we have a good time here while the guys are gone. I make a pretty darn good S'more right on the stove top and we don't smell like smoke afterwards. And...we sleep in beds which is nice :)

But when they got back from their most recent camping trip, my husband mentioned that he'd like to try and take Evelyn and Houston next time. This would be very bad for me. How could I justify staying home when the rest of my family is out playing cave men?!

At first Evelyn was really excited at the idea. But after she thought about it for a while she had a couple of questions...

# 1. Will she have to use a porta potty?

#2. Will there be a Wegmans or a restaurant near by?

Because if there's a Wegmans near by then they can go hang out there all day and just go back to the campground to sleep.

I think I may be safe from the yuck that is camping for a little while longer.

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