Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pinterest Is Making My Clothes Shrink

I just got home from the gym less than an hour ago and I'm hungry. Like, I-haven't-eaten-in-days kind of  hungry! I know what happened - I made the mistake of going to Pinterest. Now I feel like if I don't eat something made with Oreos and cream cheese ASAP, I will die of starvation!

I've noticed that I've packed on a couple of pounds in the past few months and couldn't really figure out why.    I try to get to the gym a few times every week. And I eat fairly healthy. Well, except for that Dorrito casserole I made. And then there were the cake-batter cookies. And I can't forget those yummy German chocolate brownies. Mmmm...brownies. I guess if I'm being honest with myself, I've probably made a Pinterest-inspired treat once a week for the past month or so.

I can't seem to resist! I go to the site to "look for craft ideas" and the next thing I know I'm driving to the store for some more sugar and bacon! (Did you know you can wrap a entire turkey in bacon?!)

I try. I really do. I even have a "health" board where I pin healthy food and exercise ideas. That board has a whopping 5 pins now. For my multiple food boards, the recipes are in the hundreds :/

Dear Pinterest,

You lure me on to your site with beautiful pictures of food then get me to come back so I can pin ideas on how to lose those extra pounds. Well played...well played.

Now I'll be in the kitchen trying to see if I can really make a brownie in a jar.

Thank you,

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