Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of Homeschool

On Tuesday we started school again and I can already tell things are going to be a lot better this year! Last year my heart wasn't really into homeschooling. I felt frustrated and unqualified. I thought for sure that I had failed them but I was pleasantly surprised when, at the end of the school year, both the boys did amazingly well on their tests!

After talking to some public school teachers and some fellow homeschoolers I was really encouraged! I'm more sure than ever that homeschool is the right choice for our family and I feel challenged to be a better teacher.

I also have met some other moms who are starting to homeschool for the first time this school year. Some of them are looking to me for advice but I've found myself feeding off their excitement and ideas!

This year my goals are:

  • To be more sensitive to my kid's different learning styles.
  • Make school as fun as possible
  • Take the kids to some new field trip locations
  • Be successful in teaching science and history without a curriculum (for the first time)
  • Most importantly I want to be more positive.

When I got frustrated last year I think I let my negative attitude affect my entire view of homeschool. Somehow I've gotten back to the way I felt when we first decided that homeschool was right for us.

I love being able to choose what my kids learn and when they learn it.

I love that they don't have to be exposed to the things that are happening in the public schools.

And I LOVE being able to have my gang at home with me during the day.

Ethan (10) 6th grade

Logan (9) 4th grade
Evelyn (6) 1st grade

Houston (3) Likes to play with toys :)
I love homeschool.


  1. I admire you for being such an organized, productive home schooling momma. I fear I would never have the patience. I admire those that do. I absolutely LOVE the pictures you took of the kids. They are picture perfect. I need to find an old school desk asap :)

  2. good luck!! and those are really really great photos!

  3. Awww. Love, LOVE the photos. They are precious! The desk is perfect too. Hope you enjoy your school year and I'm so glad you are a recharged homeschoolin' momma!