Monday, August 27, 2012

Logan's Miracle Birth Story Part 1

Today is Logan's 9th birthday. When I think about the miracles that I've seen in my life I always think about Logan and how from the beginning God had His hand on him. And on us...

Logan's Miracle Birth Story Part 1

Even after the first positive pregnancy test I wasn't sure I was really pregnant. I had most of the common signs but I was also having some complications - I was spotting. But after taking another test and then having the pregnancy confirmed by my doctor I thought we were in the clear. But I kept spotting. It got to the point that my doctor sent me to have an ultrasound.

I went to the appointment by myself and the technician told me that although she could see where the baby should be...she only saw pooled blood and no baby. She then asked me to get dressed and wait for her in her office. When she came back in she told me that from what she saw she thought I was in the process of a miscarriage and that I should go home and relax. I asked some people from church to pray.

After a few more days and no miscarriage my doctor sent me for a series of blood tests. One of the reasons pregnant women are so nauseous in the beginning is because typically every 72 hours the pregnancy hormone (hCG) is doubling. I had blood drawn every day to see if my hCG levels were normal. They weren't.  My doctor said that after a miscarriage women still have a hCG in their bodies. She wanted me to go back for another ultrasound.

At this point I was still spotting (and would continue for the first few months) but this time the ultrasound technician not only saw a baby but a heart beat too!

After that point things were pretty normal. Right up until a few weeks before my due date.

Two weeks before my due date we found out that the baby was transverse (side ways). I tried not to worry because we still had some time and spent the next week doing some research. We tried everything to get the little stinker to turn! I even tried doing a head stand with no luck.

With a little over a week my doctor offered to try an external version. Basically I would go to the hospital where an experienced doctor would try and turn the baby manually. I was really scared but we decided to give it a try and called my pastors to ask them to pray.

With my mom and Jonathan there to support me, they tried to do the version in the triage. While laying on my back, 2 doctors pushed and pulled on the baby from the outside and tried to get him to turn. It was one of the most terrible feelings I've ever had! (The second would come later).  In order for it to work, I needed to try and lay still and relaxed. With all the pressure though, I was vomiting and have trouble breathing. Jonathan was getting faint from watching and had to leave the room. When I started to pass out they gave me a break and said we would try again 1 more time.

This is where God stepped in...

Logan's Miracle Birth Story Part 2

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  1. I had a very similar early pregnancy experience with my son. I still can't believe he is here!