Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Everyone Should Wear Undergarments

This summer I've really been trying to get the kids out of the house more. Now that everyone is potty trained and can walk on their own, taking them out by myself is a lot easier. The only problem is that they can all talk.

Last week all the kids had a couple of dollars to spend so we went to Target. Instead of going straight to they toy aisle I wanted to take a quick look through some of the clothes on the clearance rack. Almost immediately I spotted a really cute top that had been marked down to $8!! As I was holding it against me to make sure it would fit Evelyn said, "Oh, mom! That will be perfect for when you have my sister!!"

Me: "When I have your sister?" (I wasn't quite catching on)

Evelyn: "Yeah! For when you have my sister in your belly"

Me: "Evelyn..."

Evelyn: "You know! A perfect shirt for when your pregnant!"

Me: "EVELYN! I'm not pregnant and this is not a maternity shirt."

I put the shirt BACK on the rack and we headed for the toy aisle

Evelyn: "Yeah but it would be perfect for when you are pregnant."

Because we made our little stop in the clothing section it meant that we had to walk by the undergarments on our way to the toys. Ethan was all offended and started walking sideways while hiding his eyes.

Ethan: "Mom! Why do we have to walk by all this?!"

Me: "You mean the UNDIES and BRAS? Because it's on the way to the toys."

Ethan: "Mom! This is embarrassing"

Me: "Ethan, I think it's time you learned that everyone wears undergarments. Well, maybe not everyone...They should though..."

Ethan: "MOM! I'm going to be scarred for life after this!"


I may have been having a little too much fun teasing him but it wasn't like some stores where there were pictures of half dressed women everywhere! It was just some stuff hanging on the racks.

Silly boy!


  1. You have to love kids. This is HILARIOUS. I love that your daughter innocently offended you with the shirt you wanted to buy. And, then, your son...I love how you responded to him that everyone wears undergarments or at least should :). Adorable post.

  2. This makes me feel like I'm not alone. I had an issue with my daughter today at the store. I am trying to teach her to not talk about people to ME while that said person is right next to ME. For instance, she will ask me very loudly right next to the fabric cutting lady, why the fabric cutting lady is doing it THAT way. Well today was one of those days only she said something worse and I could have crawled right under the shopping cart. Sigh.

    1. Yes! My kids are always saying things like, "Is that a man or a women?" or, "That boy smells like poop."....all while the person is in ear shot! I usually just pretend like I didn't hear them lol