Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If You Came Over For Coffee

We don't have company very often. It's not that we don't have any friends, it's just that we never invite them over. Part of the reason is that weekends are the busiest time for us. By the time I get done running around on Saturday the last thing I want to do is company clean. The kind of cleaning that means that I'd have to fold all those clean clothes instead of leaving them in baskets around the living room. Yeah. Not feeling it.

So since no one ever comes over, no one gets to see the awesomesauce wreaths that I've been making...Except maybe the mail man. Although that would mean he would have to step into our front porch and that would be a weird.

So, friends. Would you like to come over for coffee?

Come on in...

-Oh. What was that? You like my wreath?

-Thanks. I just threw it together in my spare time.

-Then you would ask me how I keep my house so clean with 4 kids running around.

-I would pretend like it's this clean all the time and you would wonder why my kids look like deer caught in the headlights.

-It's because 2 minutes before you got here, I was screaming like crazy for Houston to put some clothes on, while trying to fit 3 baskets of laundry on the side of my bed that you can't see from the door.

-The kids will play upstairs while we chat about kids and life over coffee and homemade cupcakes.

-Then it would be time for you to leave.

-On your way out you would comment on my lovely wreath again.

-Before you were out of the driveway, Houston would have taken all his clothes off and the laundry baskets would be back to their home on the couch.


  1. Thanks for the coffee...your wreath looks adorable.

    *this was HILARIOUS! Loved every minute, only wish I could have been there for the before and after as well :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Next time we'll do dinner :)

  2. sounds just like my house. we could hang, you and i.

  3. I'm coming over! My laundry baskets of clean clothes often contain a kitten or two as well; I can deal. :)


  4. HAHAHA! This is awesome!
    And yes, I love your new wreath! :)

  5. lol what if i have to go back in to pee just kidding love the wreath

    1. Oh no, girlfriend! I would be reminding you to go before you left for your long drive home. lol