Monday, May 7, 2012

Unique DIY Mother's Day gift for $10

I have this blog scheduled to post over at The Poop Whisperer on Wednesday but I'm giving you peeps an advance screening :)
While looking for a gift to give my own mother on Mother's Day I came across this idea.
When I pinned this idea to my Pinterest board, it was re-pinned 314 times!! Looks like I'm not the only mom who loves these homemade gifts :)

This kit is selling for $39.95 but I knew I could do it cheaper. My total cost was around $10 after my Michaels coupon.



Have your child paint their canvas with the finger paint. *We did two coats of paint*
When the canvas is dry, paint your child's hand with a contrasting color...

And help them press their hand on the middle of the canvas.
Write your child's name/age in the corner of the canvas.
With the extra canvas, I had a friend (who has really nice handwriting) write this sweet poem.

Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so small. 
And always leave my fingerprints on furniture and walls.
But every day I'm growing. I'll be grown some day.
And all those tiny hand prints will surely fade away.
So here's a little hand print, just so you can recall
exactly how my fingers looked when I was very small.

Time really goes by too fast. Before we know it they will be grown and out on their own. Well unless they move into your basement and claim they have "squatter's rights."

I love the way this turned out. Soooo...I think I'm going to keep it for myself. I'll find my mom another gift :)



  1. Thanks so much for posting on Mauvin' Monday!


  2. I've actually bough the red envelope canvas set as gifts BUT yours look just as adorable and better yet, affordable. What a fun activity to do with the kids!

  3. Love this idea. Don't you know a Mother best gift is her kids, even when they are grown and out on their own, or back at home. I love you baby!


  4. i saw this on pinterst, too! too adorable.

  5. This is a great idea! It turned out so cute. I haven't thought much about Mother's Day gifts yet. (I know, I've got less than a week) Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.