Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Tooth Fairy might just call CPS on you

This has been the "Tooth Week" in our household. First, Evelyn lost her second front tooth. She officially looks like a vampire now. And sounds like a vampire with a lisp. This was the fifth tooth she lost and poor Logan has only lost three. Being the kind sister that she is, she sincerely offered to help the boys lose some more teeth by knocking them out.

We got a second opinion on braces for Ethan. The new lady says that she would wait and check him every 6 months. She said he does need them, just not right this very second like our dentist was saying.

Speaking of Dr. A...

Yesterday, Houston was outside playing outside and fell and hit his mouth on the driveway. His teeth looked OK but he had a pretty good sized cut on his gum so I wanted to take him to the dentist just to have her check/clean it. While we were waiting for the office to re-open after lunch, I had him lay down so I could ice it and try to clean it up a bit.

The inside is too gross to show
The little guy was so tough and hardly cried at all. At one point he was whining and he reached over and grabbed Evelyn's hand for comfort. I think it took her off guard because she said, "It's OK Houston." and then looked at me and said, "Aww. That almost made me cry a little."

When I got him to the dentist, they took x-rays then we waited for Dr. A.

When Dr. A came in she was looking him over and then asked how he got the red marks right under his nose. I told her I thought they were probably from the fall *Duh!* A few min later she asked her assistant to get her camera and then proceeded to take 3 pictures of Houston's injuries. After taking the pics, they set down the camera, cleaned him up, and never said a thing to me about why we took them.

At first I thought that they probably always take pics of these types of injuries "just in case". But then I remembered that the reason we went there 5 years ago to begin with, was that Evelyn (who was one) had fallen and hurt her mouth. They didn't take any pictures of her then...

Houston will be fine. They said he was lucky and that his x-rays looked good. They numbed his cut, cleaned, and scrapped it. They even had to use a buffer to get the black scratches from the driveway off of his teeth :/ Poor little guy. He's had ice cream twice today :)

Honestly I'm a little nervous about them taking pics. I'm sure it's nothing but I'm kicking myself for not asking why they did. Did they really suspect me of doing that to my own kid!?

And if CPS is going to come then I need to change out of my pajamas!! ;)


  1. That is too funny!! Lol!! I love ur stories about the kids. Don't feel bad if CPS comes to visit. I recently had the school district threaten CPS bc they didn't get my quarterly report on time. They did in fact get it but just didn't scroll down far enough in the email. I would still be nervous too about the pictures. : / Good luck!! But seriously why would u take em to the dentist for help if YOU did that?

  2. Oh my, what a week you have had. How sweet that your little boy reached out for your daughter's hand for comfort. That must have melted your heart. I think if a doctor suspects something about an injury, they usually separate the child from the parent to ask about the injury. I am sure you have nothing to worry about. My little one, just 2 weeks ago, ran into the corner of my counter top and gashed her head open and then fell off of a chair a day later and gashed the side of her head open...things like that (even if poorly timed) happen all the time.

  3. I bet it will be ok, though they should have told you directly why they took the pictures. Poor little guy!

  4. Kids with missing teeth... When they eat mashed potatoes, teach them how to push the potatoes through the 'tooth hole' by pushing them out with their tongue. It's fun times (as long as you're not the one cleaning up afterwards.) ;)

  5. My daughter hit her mouth on the coffee table at about the same age. She had a small cut on the inside of her lip. I checked her teeth and then she fell asleep on the couch with a cold washcloth on her mouth (she was stressed!). The following morning, her lip was so swollen she couldn't close her mouth and her front teeth had hinged backwards (the impact sent the tooth root forward). The dentist ordered the reintroduction of the pacifier, so the sucking action could pull the teeth back into place. It was a rough weekend of trying to get her to eat and we had to use a dropper to get a little yogurt smoothie in her mouth for some calories, but by the end of the weekend, the swelling was down and the teeth were coming back into place. Even if CPS is involved, try not to take it personal and don't worry about a thing- they are very good at what they do!