Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some late night pondering

If I punch my husband in the nose "accidentally" while he's snoring will it "help" him to stop snoring?...

When he wakes up with a sore nose will he believe that it was an accident and that I'm actually in a deep sleep?...

Or what if I kick him in the groin? And what if instead of pretending that it was an "accident", when he woke up mad I simply say, "I said stop snoring...Sucka." 

Would he be mad enough to go sleep on the couch and leave me in our bed to sleep alone in the sweet quiet?...

These are just some ideas I was pondering while laying awake listening to my husband snore last night.
He may have a cold. I may have a lack of sleep problem. This may not end well for one of us ;)


  1. Hey I'm glad to know I'm not the only one suffering from a husband that snores! Our grnaddaughter was visiting last week and she giggled at her grandpa cuz he was sleeping on the couch! She also told me we would have to rewatch the movie we had in cuz she couldn't hear a word of it over Grandpa's snoring!!!

    1. It's kind of funny to hear someone snoring when it's not 3am. My mom used to fall asleep while we were watching TV and would wake herself up from snoring so loud!

    2. Honey I still wake myself up, and your Dad too! After 35 years, I guess he is used to it. He seams to sleep just fine.

  2. Haha I've wondered things like that myself. I normally just yell "at least one of us is sleeping! Must be nice!" lol.

  3. PLEASE !!! Have him tested for sleep apnea. It is a horrible problem which can lead to DEATH. No - honestly - real death, not death by wife.

    If you're lucky, he'll be given a CPAP machine and the snoring will be over for evah! You'll both get a good night's sleep & he will feel like a new man.

    Trust me on this one...