Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romace is alive and well

Valentines Day 1998:

It was our first Valentine's Day together as boyfriend and girlfriend, and I remember being really excited that Jonathan had made reservations for us at a nearby, fancy, Italian restaurant. We had been dating for almost two months, but before that day we spent most of our dates at Applebee's or hanging out at my house. This day was different though. Not only were we going to Mario's via Abruzzi but he also did something else he hardly ever did...he brought me flowers! I think they may have been yellow roses.

The night was going great! Or it was until dinner... As we were sitting in the candle-lit restaurant Jonathan started talking about his process of picking out my roses. He told me how there were so many different colored roses that he was having a hard time choosing. A helpful lady standing close by had suggested that he buy the red ones. He told me that he appreciated her advice, but red roses were just "too committal" so he went with the safe yellow ones.

No, my husband of 12 years may not have started off as the most romantic guy in the world, but sometimes good things are worth waiting for!

This Valentines Day:

The other day the mailman delivered a package addressed to my husband that I had to sign for. I was curious about what new computer part he had ordered this time, so I set the package on the table and ripped it open. (Don't judge me)
As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was a gift for me... Oooops! I've been begging my husband for a new camera forever! He bought me a Canon Rebel xti as a "surprise" Valentines gift. At first I was going to just tape the box back up and act surprised when he decided to give it to me. But I didn't think that my four little witnesses could keep it a secret ;)

When I called him to confess, the first thing he said was, "Oh no you didn't!"

We've come a long way in the romance department people!

It's not just on holidays though. My husband is always looking for ways to show his love for me. From the little things like opening the van door for me, letting me wear his coat when I forget mine, or taking me away for an overnight getaway (my other gift this year). The romance in this marriage is alive and well and keeps getting better with time :)


  1. you have a sweet, loving partner! i have a great guy, too, and it just makes life so wonderful to have a great partner by your side. :-)