Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The grand illusion

If you came to my house yesterday, this is what it may have looked like.

The house was clean and instead of spending most of the day in my pajamas, I was showered and dressed. I made Evelyn a pillow and even sewed some new curtains for the kitchen. Homemade bread was cooking, laundry was done, dinner was in the oven and would be ready when my husband got home from work. Everything was perfect...Or so it looked.

The truth was...

My house was clean-ish. I cleaned the downstairs but never made it upstairs.

I did sew curtains, but because I was too lazy to measure the windows...they were too short.

And while we were all upstairs in the school/craft room...one of our dogs (or perhaps the one we were dog-sitting) peed on the couch.

So after hanging up my too-short curtains, I sat down on my (unbeknownst) pee-soaked couch to cry. So then I got showered and dressed.

The laundry was done. Well...a few of the many loads were done but still in baskets in the basement where no one could see them.

Dinner was in the oven...but since my husband came home from work over an hour late, the chicken got cold and then the dog (remind me to put him down) snatched some of Houston's off of his plate.

That's OK though. I didn't really eat much chicken anyways. The homemade bread turned out so good that I pretty much ate the entire loaf myself :/

Things aren't always what they seem to be. I have to remind myself that even those moms that seem to have it all together, are probably fishing chicken bones out of their dog's throat and hiding laundry in their basements too. At least I hope they are.


  1. Oh, wow, do I have days (weeks? months?) like that. I just have to focus on what I DID get done, and never ever look at the "not-done-yet" list. :)


  2. Your house is always so fun and your children are well loved.

  3. You and I are kindred spirits. I could have written this post. Even with just one baby, this often my day. Oh, if people only knew how many times I had to clean up dog pee. And my bedroom curtains? Totally too short:)