Friday, July 8, 2011

Mom! I'm peeing!

So apparently my blog for Her Rochester was highlighted in the Democrat and Chronicle this past Tuesday. Now everyone knows that Houston tries to get me to hold his boogers ;)  I had no idea until I saw someone referring to it online. My BFF's mom saved a copy for me so I got to see it for the first time tonight.

Pretty cool I guess. Cool enough to go on my parent's fridge! I hate the picture they keep using though. I look a little like a man... A bald man. It's OK. I know you were all thinking it. I swear, if I can ever get my hair to be nice and healthy looking again, I will always wear it down or BIG. That way when people see pictures of me, they will see that yes, in fact I do have hair. And no, I do not have a man's hair cut.

You lose a lot of things when you have children (Not just healthy hair) For example:

My mind. Like those "mom brain" moments where I forget to wear shoes. Or that we have a 4th child.

My sensitivity to smell. I haven't met a poopy diaper that could make me gag since the first kid.

My stomach muscles.

My bladder control. I have a standing appointment in the bathroom around 3am every morning.

My privacy. Remember the days when you could use the bathroom in peace? Yeah. I don't either.

To be fair, you gain a lot of things when you have children:


Super hero hearing. I can hear a kid trying to sneak a snack from the kitchen 2 rooms away!

The ability to multi task. I can talk on the phone, make a sandwich, and post on Face Book, all at the same time.

A thick skin. It's pretty hard for my kids to embarrass me anymore. Like when Houston said, "Mom! Mom! I'm peeing!" In the middle of a testimony at church last night...I didn't even bat an eye. I did laugh a little though :)

The ability to love unconditionally. Even when they are dirty, sick, or naughty, I will love my little gang no matter what. Even if I never receive anything in return, I will give them all I have. 

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