Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fast Transcripts (high school transcript program) Review

As a homeschool parent with a child in 9th grade, I'm already feeling a lot of pressure to get these last few years right! Whether or not he chooses to attend collage, I want to be sure that that I'm doing all I can to have everything in place to make sure his transition is smooth. Who knows? He may postpone collage for a while after he graduates only to change his mind a year or so later. Whatever he decides, as his teacher it's my responsibility to keep accurate records including professional high school transcripts. I was clueless about how to do this until I was introduced to Fast Transcripts.

Fast Transcripts is an online program that keeps record of your child's high school courses and helps you produce an official transcript. Signing up was simple and the program is easy to use. I just entered Ethan's academic information for this year including, course title, grade (when a course is completed), and credits. Fast Transcripts will automatically calculate the yearly and cumulative GPAs and gives you the option of printing the final transcript on watermark protected, academic record stock.

I love that with Fast Transcripts I'm able to update and store Ethan's transcripts without the worry of misplacing anything (I may have done that before with other homeschool paperwork) and their FAQ section was very helpful with the couple of questions that came up.

Right now they are offering a 30 day free trial (no credit card info is required) of Fast Transcripts so you can try it before you subscribe. If you decide to subscribe the cost is only $16 ($12 for HSLDA members).

*Although this review was sponsored by Fast Transcripts, this is an honest review and I plan on using their services in my own homeschooling journey.


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