Monday, October 28, 2013

Canceling Halloween

Call me a heathen but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love candy and I love free. Halloween is the perfect mix of both. And when you have multiple children you end up with more than enough candy! Even for this greedy Momma!

But Halloween is on a Thursday this year and we have church on Thursday nights. The kids have been surprisingly understanding about us not skipping church to go trick-or-treating and I've been trying hard to still make it fun.

Have you ever taken your kids to a trick-or-trunk event? We went to our first one on Sunday. The kids walk from car to car and people hand out candy from their trunks. It sounds kind of creepy as I type it, but it was really cool! Most of the people had their trunks decorated and the kids didn't have to walk a long way like when they're going door to door.

Because we aren't going out on Halloween, I didn't want to spend money on costumes so I picked up these cute Wizard Of Oz masks at Jo-Anns for $1....They were SO cute that my 12 year old couldn't be bothered to wear his in public. So instead of going with the theme and wearing his Tin Man mask, Ethan thought it would be much cooler to wear his Scream mask. The funny thing is that of course he's never even seen the Scream movies. He walked around all afternoon telling people he was dressed as the man in the famous Scream painting...

He was SO cool that I couldn't be bothered to correct him :)

We'll also be going to the circus this week. Not just any circus though! We're going to see Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents DRAGONS

*courtesy of Feld Entertainment
The anticipation builds throughout Ringling Bros. Presents DRAGONS as children of all ages bear witness to one phenomenal Ringling Bros. circus act after another, from Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors, charging Cossack riders, magnificent Asian elephants, fierce tigers to the frenzied Globe of Steel. As the audience observes these and even more real world displays that pay tribute to the dragon, their continued excitement will bring glimpses of the elusive beast. But, the big question remains; what will it take to lure a true dragon from its golden lair? 

The shows will be at the Blue Cross Arena at 7 PM Oct. 30; 7 PM Oct. 31; 7 PM Nov. 1; 11 AM, 3 and 7 PM Nov. 2; and 1 and 5 PM Nov. 3 at Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, N.Y. (Purchase tickets at or at the box office)

We try to see the circus every time it comes to our city and the timing couldn't be better!

What are your Halloween plans? Does it involve a visit to the circus?

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