Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY Monster Jean Patch

A blog that I used to write for is sadly coming to an end :( As I went back and read some of the blogs that I wrote there I was sad at the thought of them just dying with the site. They're all like my little babies! So I'm bringing them over here where they can live long lives with all my other little babies. I hope you don't mind when you see one popping up every once and awhile :)

 It's that time of year when I go through my kid's summer clothes and replace them with fall and winter clothes. It's also that time of year when I cringe at the amount of money we'll need to spend to make sure they have everything they'll need! That includes replacing the perfectly nice jeans that still fit but have holes at the knees. This year instead of trashing those jeans and replacing them I have a new plan!

Don't trash those jeans! Patch them! 

DIY Monster Patch
The eyes are like that on purpose. My boys wanted "crazy eyes" 


Jeans with a hole

Your choice of colored felt

Needle and thread (Or iron-on interfacing)


To make the mouth, cut out a circle of felt a little bigger than the hole in the pants.

Cut out teeth and eye shapes

Sew the teeth to the top of the mouth

Sew the mouth/teeth felt to the inside of the pants (You could use iron on interfacing instead but I've found sewing it holds better)

Sew on the eyes

My boys had fun picking out the colors for their monsters and have been wearing their jeans...a lot. Which means I've put them through the wash a couple of times and they've held up fine. Just make sure to stitch those eyes on really good.


  1. Oh no...which blog is coming to an end. Is it the Poop Whisperer? I am glad you are saving some of your posts. I had never read this one. It's great. I love the crazy eyes. What a clever and fun patch.

  2. Yes. The Poop Whisperer is on it's last leg. I'm sorry to see it go but it was cool while it lasted.