Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You Belong With Me

My little girl has her first crush! His Spencer *sigh* What a dreamy name ;)

When I picked Evelyn up from child watch after working out on Friday she went on and on about her new friend Spencer.

"First, I played tag with Spencer!"

"Spencer played catch with me for a long time!"

"Spencer is really good at catch!"

Spencer! Spencer! Spencer!

Then while I was signing her in on Monday she got all excited and said, "Mom! Spencer is here today!" So I asked one of the employees which boy was Spencer...

Ah, turns out that Spencer is actually a teenage boy who works in the child watch area.

I guess my girl likes the older guys with minimum wage jobs.

Later, when I went back to pick her up she was all frazzled because she couldn't find Spencer!

"I think he's hiding from me!"

I told her I was about to pass out tired and she would probably see him next time and we walked out. The only problem was that because she was so worried about Spencer, that she forgot she wasn't wearing any shoes! So back inside we went and... gasp! Spencer was back!

Evelyn yelled, "Spencer!"

"Where were you?!"

"I was looking for you!"

"Were you hiding from me?"

A slightly red faced Spencer answered, "Evelyn...I was using the bathroom."

At this point I told her it was time to leave the poor guy alone and pretty much had to drag her out the door as she yelled over and over again...

"Bye, Spencer!"

"I'm leaving now"


Right now it's kind of cute. In a few years it will be sort of creepy. Thankfully she has a while to figure it all out :)


  1. My daughter has a "Spencer" at church. Poor guy. He is a young military guy that drives a pretty long way to get to church on Sundays. She pretty much makes a bee-line in his direction and smothers him.

  2. Hahahahahaha!!!! This is awesome!! Go Evelyn!