Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why Wear Clothes?

                                                       Oh the weather outside is frightful 
                                                            But the fire is so delightful
                                                       And since we've no place to go
                                     Why wear clothes, why wear clothes, why wear clothes?

If we're not leaving the house then what's the point of wearing any clothes? That's Houston's philosophy. It's in the 20's here and the kid is constantly running around in his undies! I've tried everything - including buying him pajamas that I thought he would love. He'll wear them...for a few minutes. Then, before I know it, he's stripping down again!

Even when we are leaving the house it's a fight to get him dressed! And as soon as we walk back in the door he says, "It's undies time!" and leaves a trail of his clothing behind him. :)

Last night our neighbor called and said she was going to stop by. I told Houston that he needed to run upstairs and put some jeans on before she got here. He said, "I'll just go wait in my room until she leaves."

Honestly, I really don't mind. I just worry about him being cold. He has a bunch of blankets on his bed at night and carries his favorite "star blankie" around the house with him all day. My very own, half dressed, Linus!

He's poor blanket is so dirty and torn. He says if I wash them they won't  smell good anymore.

*Sigh* I guess It's a battle that I'm not ready to fight. If the kid is well behaved, eats (most of the time), and is happy, who cares if he's doing it all in his undies :)

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  1. this is the story of my life. michael used to be the same way. now instead, he has upgraded to pajamas at least. he hates getting dressed. i think he is getting out of that phase soon... good luck and be thankful its not the little lady lol!!