Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ornament Exchange?

Our Christmas tree is set up but we haven't had a chance to decorate it yet. When we do decorate it it won't be one of those pretty trees you see on Pinterest with matching bows and ornaments. It will be a colorful mix of ornaments made by my kids and those I've picked up during the year that remind me of special occasions or places we visited. It may even have a Walmart beauty thrown in here and there :)

Logan made this years ago and it still smells like gingerbread.
I had an idea today that I think would be a lot of fun! Is anyone interested in doing an Ornament Exchange?

It doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive. It could even be something homemade. Just send me an ornament that makes you smile and I'll send one back! 

If you're interested email me your address (don't post it in the comments!) and I'll send you mine.

Sound like fun?


  1. Sarah! What a wonderful tree. I love the trees that are filled with special ornaments, ones that bring back memories and make you smile. I have one of those as well.

    I'd love to send you and ornament...email me :)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I asked Iggy if she wanted to do the ornament exchange and she is game. Are we too late?

    Let me know and email me. : )

    1. Not at all! Just send me an email with your address and I'll do the same :)