Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Is Coming! Save All The Ice Cream!

Hurricane Sandy may make some trouble in our town in the next couple of days. The worst we should see though is some high winds and possible loss of power.

In times like these it is best to be prepared. Have bottled water, flashlights, and groceries. But my #1 goal tonight... Is to save the ice cream!

If we lose power it's quit possible that all the ice cream in our freezer will melt and be lost forever. The thought of that makes me very sad and I will be doing everything in my power to stop it!

I plan on saving all the ice cream one gallon at a time.

Yes. This really came from our freezer. I may have a problem...
And the popsicles...It's only right to save them too!

I am so dedicated to this effort that I had my husband pick up another gallon on his way home.

It was suggested that I keep the stress of the situation from the children so I'll be putting them to bed before I start my mission. This is my burden to bear.

So wish me luck as I save all the ice cream from Sandy!

*To those of you who are in real danger, hang in there and try and stay safe.


  1. I hope I don't lose power! I have huge cuts of expensive meat in my freezer.

  2. Sarah, how I have missed your sense of you humor and your entertaining posts. You are very brave to bear the burden on your own. Very brave :)