Friday, June 8, 2012

Baboon butts and strawberries

This week I've had a little taste of what it must feel like to be a single mom. Jonathan and Ethan went on a father/son camping trip with our church group. So not only was I missing the help from my husband but also my biggest helper, Ethan.

Logan was too young to go on the trip (you had to be 10) and he was feeling a little left out so I wanted to make sure we stayed as busy as possible while they were gone.

Our fist big outing was a trip to the zoo. Our local zoo isn't really great but they recently added a new Africa section that we were all excited to see. The lions were pretty cool and the elephants were having fun in the mud. Aaannnd then we got to the baboons. If you can't remember what baboons look like let me give you a quick reminder...

Uh huh...Yeah. Now you remember? Well as adults we have this awesome thing called a filter. My kid's filters are apparently still developing. Because while we were standing among a group of people checking out the zoo's new baboons, these were the things that they were saying in their most non-quiet voices..

Mom! Look at those things BUTTS!

Logan! Did you see that ones BUTT!?

Mom! Why are their BUTTS so red and bumpy?


If that wasn't bad enough, Logan asked me which baboons were boys and which were girls. I told him that I didn't know. That wasn't enough of an answer for him though.

Logan: How do the people at the zoo know if the baboons are boys or a girls?

Me: Probably the same way we can tell if humans are boys and girls.

Logan: But they don't grown their hair long like ladies and cut it short like men. So how can they tell?

Me: The other way you can tell if someone is male or female. *By this point I noticed a few people listening to our conversation.*

Logan: *Blank stare* How?

Me: Uhhh...We'll have to talk about this when we get home.

The next day we went out to breakfast and then we went strawberry picking for the first time.

It was pretty anti-climatic...Until I tasted one! There is no comparing strawberries you can buy at Wegmans to these beauties. My first though was, "So this is what a strawberry is supposed to taste like!" They were super sweet and juicy.

I'm in love. I may even have a developing addiction.
The ones we bought that first day were gone in hours so today I drove a half hour away to pick some more strawberries. Well, to have my gang do most of the picking for me. While we were picking we watched each other's backs as we stole test tasted the strawberries. After having the kids check my teeth for evidence before I went to pay, I thought we had covered our tracks up pretty well. That was until we got to the counter and I looked over to see Houston's face and shirt covered with strawberry juice! Your sin will find you out. :/

I don't really have any big plans for this bunch. Probably not going to be making jam or anything. Basically I just plan on eating them until my face is as red as a baboon's....Never mind.


  1. I could totally never, NEVER, bring my children to this section of the zoo. I would not be able to raise my head again in public. Seriously, the questions would not end for days to come.

    1. I hear ya! My kids STILL bring it up every time someone mentions the zoo :/