Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer vacation started in the hospital

This past week I gave the kids their end of the year tests. They were just about finished with all of their books, and I was just about finished with homeschool this year :/ Thankfully they both did great! I think that the math curriculum that we used is at least a year ahead because after solving square roots and dividing fractions, one of the questions on the test asked, "Which of these is an even number?" 

Both of the boys finished in less then half the time they were given and both only got 2 out of 40 questions wrong. Yay! I'm not failing my children after all!

So since we finished our testing, our summer vacation has officially started!

On Friday I got a call from my dad saying that my mom was in the hospital with stomach issues and they wanted to keep her over night. He asked if I could come and stay the night with her so he could have a break. Of course I said I would but I needed to run to the church to set up for Sunday School and then I'd be right over.

Half way through setting up I checked my phone to make sure there wasn't any new updates with my mom and saw that I had a few missed calls from my husband. He left a message saying that Evelyn had fallen of the top of the slide (8 feet high) onto her head/neck and that he was taking her (and the three other kids) to the ER.

I quickly got in my car to meet him at the hospital.

I think my husband was going for the homeless child look when he brought her to the park looking like this.

While the doctor was checking her out she was asking her questions like what month it is and who the president is. She was not answering these questions. Not because she had some sort of serious head injury. But because apparently she just doesn't know.

Doc: What is the president's name?

Evelyn: I don't know...

Me: COME ON! You know what it is. Tell the doctor his name.

Evelyn: *Blank stare*

Doc: Are they teaching you anything in school!?

Me: *Crawling under the hospital gurney* Uh yeah...I homeschool them.


Evelyn was fine. She chipped her tooth but the only other thing that was hurt was my pride.

After leaving that hospital I drove across town to the hospital that my mom was staying in.

She stayed with me after all 4 of my kids were born, the least that I could do was stay with her while I read and watched a million episodes of Storage Wars.
My mom kept trying to get me to lay in bed and cuddle with her. I think it was the drugs ;)

So after this weekend summer vacation has officially been canceled. Instead, I will be spending the next 3 months teaching Evelyn who the president of the United States is and other important things ;)

My goal is that next time (God forbid) she's in the hospital I can tell them that the only way we can be sure she's OK, if she can still quote the Lord's Prayer... in Latin.


  1. Oh no! I had to chuckle over the doctor's comment and your response. Too funny.

  2. I was not the drugs my daughter, cuddles from your kids makes everything all better. Thank you so much for staying with me honey. Your the best daughter in the world!


    1. (IT)...guess I should read my post before posting.

  3. i'm glad your mom and daughter are better. get started with those latin lessons! ;-p

  4. that is kind of a silly question for a little kid..