Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prayer Request and an Addition to Our Family

Last Friday was Jonathan's last day at work. They told him on Thursday.

His company was bought by a competitor and they let a bunch of people go. A bunch of people including my husband. That's the bad news. The good new is that they are going to keep paying him until the end of February but don't need him to actually come in to work anymore. Yay! Right?...Yeah, I don't know either.

I love having him around. I was really starting to dread doing home-school every day, and he's really been helping me with that and other things around the house. He asked me for a pair of "comfy slippers" though, so maybe he's getting a little too comfortable being a stay-at-home dad ;)

The weird thing about all this is that we had been praying (well at least I know I was) for a financial blessing. There's something specific that we would like to do, but need a bigger income to do it. And then BOOM goes the dynamite! - he loses his job. I know I should probably be a little worried, but I'm praying *and here's where the prayer request comes in* that he finds a job making even MORE then he was before. This is somehow going to be the answer to our prayers :)

In other news, our family has grown.

You thought I was going to write that I'm pregnant didn't you? Well I'm NOT. We got another dog! ...Why? Because what's one more animal around here! A friend of mine had to find their dog a new home - so we took him. His name is Spunky, or as Houston likes to call him, Stunky. He's a 5 year old Mountain Feist and he hates the world. Not really. But he has this look he gives and I swear he's thinking "I hate all humans." Bruno tries to get him to play but he prefers to act like Bruno isn't even in the same room.
Spunky and Bruno...and my shirt
So that's the update. Keep Jonathan's lack of job in your prayers, and pray that God takes away Spunky's bitterness against his brother, Bruno ;)


  1. Aww Spunky found a home! Good.

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  3. don't know what to pray for first?!....Spunky, spunky, spunky.....maybe he is overwhelmed because when I was there the other night Huston was chasing him around calling his name over and over again while trying to hand feed him! I am not too concerned about his love for his brother, I am just glad he has love for his sista!:) What can I cay....Zoey is a playa. Don't worry Bruno she has plenty of love to go around;0 Maybe just maybe this Jonathan loosing his job thing is really a blessing in disguise. We'll just have to wait and see. Good blog!